Is he a frizzle??


9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
So I have a little mottled cochin bantam roo - he's 4 weeks old & I've noticed that as his feathers come in they are all over the place! They don't lay down next to his body like my other birds do. I'd heard of frizzles but don't know much about them & in googling it he sorta looks like some of the frizzle chicks I've seen. It's kind of hard to get a picture, if these don't work let me know and I'll try and get a better angle.

What do you guys think?


So a splash cochin bantam? They weren't entirely sure what he was when I bought him other than he was a banty, in googling chicks he looked just like the mottled cochin bantam but that's just me guessing lol
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