is he crying?

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    who wants to know?
    today we're suppost to be getting a bunch of thunder storms, and i am not about to but the chicks out today. my two oldist silkies looked kind of bored, so i threw them in with our 5 wk old australorps and buffalorps (BO and australorp mix LOL) and my roo, Sage, started making this whinning/peeping sound. he looked up at me and started making that sound too [​IMG] it made me feel bad, but i didnt know what it ment. should i take them out? the silkies and the others are the same size. Sage is a tad taller then some of the little roos we got in there. but not to much of a size difference. what does that sound mean? and what do i do?
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    I don't know what to tell you other than to keep a close eye on Sage that he doesn't try to hurt the newbies.

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