Is he? Or is she? Roo or Pullet?


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7 Years
May 8, 2012
Puyallup Wa.
I am concerned about one of my babes. I cant keep another rooster so.... give me your best educated guess! :0)
she is a SLW from tractor supply, (sexed), but we know how that goes. :
They are 4 weeks
This one too???? I think girl though :0)
I am fairly certain the SLW is a female.
I have one about 10 weeks and she it quite sassy right now (I'm hoping she grows out of that). But that is exactly what she looked like. And I think the roos tail feather come in slower and curl up. At least that's how I knew I had a roo. My roo is a production red and I also have a production red pullet that is the same age so watching the difference as they grow it became very apparent that one was male. But I don't know if all roos look that way or if they are different by breed.

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