is he, or isn't he


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
I think Adak is a he. Good, or he'd have a complex since I refer to him as a he or the girls and Adak.

I noticed tonight while he was in the pool that he's trying to make grown up duck sounds. And when I picked him up to put him back in the brooder with the 2 girls, that was one raspy sound. The girls are a week younger, so nothing to compare it with and I don't recall what my grown up girls sounded like exactly.

So, I might have my little black runner boy!
Home grown, no less
Not long after that post, those raspy sounds were much more quacky. We are pretty now that he's actually a she. Adak is almost 8 weeks and he's a quacker and the 2 girls from Metzer's that are almost 7 weeks are just as quacky. So I think I now have a total of 5 girls. She's beautiful, but I was really hoping for my little black boy runner. (she's also insane).

They've all been free ranging in the yard after work until dusk this last week and since I have today off, they've been out all day in the yard with the older girls. Older girls actually run away from the younger ones now.

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