Is is bumble foot?


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Is this bumble foot? I know everyone says there is a black scab but our roosters foot is black. He wasn't able to walk today, we soaked his foot in epsom salts and now this is what his foot looks like.

I would appreciate anyone's input.

If it was bumblefoot, it looks like the scab fell off. If there's swelling in the footpad, go ahead and squeeze the heck out of the footpad and see if any goop comes out. If not, soak the foot again for about 10 minutes. Then squeeze the heck out of it again, manipulate the footpad as best as you can to get the goop out. Then put iodine on the footpad....put neosporin on a gauze and cover the hole with it and wrap it up with duct tape. Remove everything in 2 days and see if the swelling has gone down. If not, repeat everything over again.
It should completely heal in about 5-6 days without your roo limpimg.
Ok. My daughter thought he had a thorn in his foot and did pull that off. It wasn't a thorn so maybe that was the scab. He can't put his weight on it so we have put him in the garage on a different cage away from the other chickens. After we soaked it I did put TAO on a gauze pad and used the vet wrap to keep it secure. I will try and soak it again tomorrow evening and see what happens.

Hi mate 2 of my chickens had bumble foot i took them to rspca for advice and to my local vets and they told me that it is very hard to cure bumble foot. But an old man told me to keep the chickens feet as clean as possible and to pick the scab of its foot and clean as much muck out as possible and soak its feet for 30 seconds to 1 minute in paraffin 3 x a day untill it has gone. and this cured my chickens feet within 3-4 weeks. What it is its a parasite that lives in the dirt and it cant breath or survive. with the paraffin on the chickens feet and then just keep an eye on your chickens feet and every know and again clean and dip there feet once a month. the paraffin doesn't harm there feet in any way. i literely clean there feet and pour about half inch of paraffin into a old pie tin and stand there feet in it whilst holding the bird. The hardest thing is noticing it early so you can catch it in time before it gets to bad because what it will end up doing is burrowing deeper and deeper into the chickens foot which eventual causes your chicken to stop laying and it wont be able to purch properly. I hope you have luck with this method. Just remember always love your chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck
mike :D
I just had a couple of cases of bumble foot in my Barnevelder run I cut out the scab and removed the hard tissue and applied some silver sulfadiazine cream this stuff works wonders. I wish had taken before and after pics if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

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