Is is normal for chickens to be THIS noisy during a molt?

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    Hi! So we've had 9 chickens for about a year now, and this is their first molt. They have been excessively noisy since they started molting... is this normal?! They are all going around sounding like they are laying, for hours at a time, except we aren't getting but 2 or 3 eggs a day (normally we'd get between 6-9 a day), even when they are out of the nests, they are walking around making noise! Even when they are out of the coop, roaming around the garden, they are still making noise, instead of scratching and eating bugs.

    If this is normal, then ok. I can accept it. But I've not read anywhere about chicken noise in relation to molting. We live in a suburban location, we have neighbors, and with the lowered egg production, we can't apologize by offering them their usual free eggs!! LOL.

    Some of the chickens seem to be losing a LOT of feathers, rapidly, while others don't seem to be losing any feathers. A couple of our chickens are about 3 months younger than the rest of the flock... the same that aren't losing their feathers, so maybe they won't molt? So my second question is: do chickens tend to molt as a whole flock, or will they molt at different times within the same flock? Why are some chickens losing their feathers faster than others? We have 5 breeds, about 2 of each, and one of the breed is losing tons of feathers, while the other of the same breed is only losing a few... so I'm struggling to understand.

    OK, that's it for the questions. Any tips would be gratefully received!

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