is it a man thing?

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May 31, 2008
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I have spent the better part of the afternoon looking for DH's ipod and GPS. He needs both this weekend. His truck went into the shop about 3 weeks ago. He swears he cleaned it out the morning it went in and he brought them both into the house. First it was my fault cause I must have moved them off the counter. (they shouldn't have been there then) I dont remember seeing either one, and I'm pretty good about stuff like that. If I had moved them, I would have put them in our room. Nope, not there. I've looked through his truck twice. Nope. Now he says it would be just like him to have put them in a bag while cleaning out the truck, having a brain fart and throwing it in the trash. I even looked threw the 2 bags out in the carport. Just LOTS of maggots.
IDK what he'll do this weekend but maybe if he took a little better care of his stuff it wouldnt happen.....
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Jul 28, 2009
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Oh's a man thing.
I think it's innate, because my son is the same Actually, my son is far worse about things like that than DH. Enjoy your alone time this weekend!


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Jul 31, 2008
yep its a man thing...

I started throwing my DH's stuff in the garbage every time he left it out. I dont care how expensive it is... if you left it out at the grocery store do you really think some one would come chasing after you...

he learned quick when he found his multi meter in the trash bag.


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Yep throw everything in a box and dump it on his workshop table. There, he will find everything in its place, screws, hammers, drivers, drills, etc. where it belongs, not in my living room or kitchen!

YES its a man thing!

Sonoran Silkies

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Jan 4, 2009
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I don'y know. In this household I am the one who loses stuff or leaves it out DH virtually always puts things away.

Youngest DS is pretty good about putting things away, but he definitely has some communication issues--I say one thing and he hears something entirely different. Or will SWEAR he told me; and it turns out he told his dad instead, or neither of us. A few days ago at Fry's he is looking at cameras and I go look for a world-wide charger for his IPOD (he left yesterday for 5 weeks in Germany!
). THey are taking forever to find it, so I tell them to keep looking, that I will be in cameras. So after he selects his camera, I say that I am going back to see if they have found the travel charger, and to meet me there. Well, out of sight, out of mind, and they have not made much progress. I finally tackle the lady who sold us the ipod a week earlier and say HELP! She takes charge and eventually finds "the last one"; the case has been opened, so I ask to check and make sure all the parts are there. Of course not, one adaptor is missing. So she finds a "returned" one that is complete (and $2 less). This has taken forever, but I am thinking that DS is having hte same frustrating time. I call AND HE HAS ALREADY CHECKED OUT AND IS WAITING AT THE EXIT!!!

HOW do you get "I'm going to hte bathroom; meet me at the exit" from "I'm going back to see if they have found the ipod charger; meet me there" ???


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May 3, 2009
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I'll admit that on my part, it's a "man thing." I'm continually inferring that my wife has moved my "stuff.", and then I fine it wherever I've left it. I have a junk basket that I throw most stuff into because I've become really tired of apologizing.


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Jun 11, 2009
omg its a total man thing! my husband always looses his work company credit card! he puts it in his pants pocket!(which of course i wash the pants)
the cards always extra clean!

i refuse to empty pockets out!

I have WHAT in my yard?

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Jun 24, 2008
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I WISH I could say it was a man thing!
When I was single and lived alone I never lost anything. I always knew exactly where my keys and phone were. NOW???
I blame the kids most of the time, but it really isn't there fault --- except the part where they removed half of my brain to make their own brains..... half a brain per child x two children = no brain left for mom!!!

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Jul 16, 2008
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DH asks me at least once a day for the location of something of his. It is amazing. I admit I do misplace stuff but not on the daily (hourly) basis that he seems to have.


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Aug 25, 2008
I roomed with a male friend for 8 years. Moved out of state to get married NINE years ago. Friend called me last week looking for some papers.

I knew where they were, that's even scarier.

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