is it dead?


12 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Stanley, North Dakota
just candled my egg in the bator. no movement. it does look like it develpoed all the way, but it doesn't react to the recordings of peeping. is it just asleep? i'm a nervous wreck because i've never got this far with incubating (all other times they had died before day 14)
They tend to sleep a lot when they are in the egg, did you see and blood rings?? if not, It's probably still alive.
all i saw was blackness and a huge air sack

then that probably means it's gotten pretty big! just wait it out and no matter how hard it is, DO NOT OPEN THE EGG!! I just did this morning and I think I killed it...
i bet its pecking the shell as hard as it can right now

at least i hope so
It's hard to be patient when chicks are close to hatching! I just have to get out of the house sometimes because I worry about my eggs too much!
it can take more then 21 days! And i know it is hard, i am that way when my eggs were hatching, i killed mine and i felt bad, just wait it out, itll hatch if it is alive!

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