Is it Ecoli? Chicken fluffed up and has yellow/green diarrhea!


Nov 25, 2020
Hello, I have a brown layer hen. SHe is usually very peppy and “the boss”, but as of late she isn’t nearly as herself as she used to be. Since around Early October, she seems to be very cold, (fluffed feathers and sometimes holding a leg) which I thought at first could be just from the sharp decline in temperature. She is sometimes fluffed up and not bothering to come around when I open the door to feed them. She is still alert and attentive, and she’ll eat treats and wet food. She still roosts, walks, and is attentive to what is going around, just lethargic.

She is 2.5 years old

She also has green/yellow diarrhea, and a dirty vent. I have two other chickens, who seem to fine and as happy as ever.

She also seems to be going through a molt. During August she had a tough one and she was pale and didn’t eat as much, however I don’t remember there being any diarrhea or fluffed feathers.

She is currently closed off in a small part of the coop. I have also cleaned out the coop and the food and water.

If it is cocci, we have Amprol and it can easily be given.

I’m concerned that this might be E.coli and I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated!


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Folks might find it helpful if you post pictures of her feces and a few pictures of the chicken itself.

You don't mention the age of your hen, but yellow/green droppings can be set on by reproductive disorders like EYP, where there is a build-up of fluids/yolk in the abdominal cavity. Besides reproductive disorders, yellow/green poop may be set on, by bacterial infections such as E. Coli, cancers, worms, coccidiosis, etc.

Collecting some poop samples, and bringing them into your vet would be a good start, to determine the bacterial load in her feces, the presence of worms, or if cocci eggs are present.

If a vet is not an option, you could try ruling out a few conditions by starting her on an antibiotic like Baytril and possibly starting her on a wormer like SafeGaurd. Reproductive problems can sometimes be alleviated with antibiotics, but most times birds may be suffering from organ damage, and are too far gone to treat.

It would be a good idea to do a thorough check over her body, focusing mainly on her crop area, and her abdominal area, to see if the crop is emptying properly, and if her abdomen seems of an enlarged size, and how it feels.
Other may have some better suggestions. @Wyorp Rock @Eggcessive
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Thank you, that helps so much. I took some pictures of her feces and her. I doubt it is EYP as we have had a chicken who has passes away from EYP, and their feces and behaviour were nothing of the same. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, and she is awake and alert, and doesn’t seem to be putting pressure anywhere.

The crop examination is a good idea,I will definitely be looking into doing that. There is apple cider vinager in the water, which could help against worms, but I’m not sure where to get Baytril as there aren’t any farm pharmacies near me.
Thanks again!

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