Is it normal for 1 week old chicks to have diarrhea?

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Feb 19, 2010
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I have been noticing a lot of diarrhea droppings in my brooder since yesterday. At first I thought it might be my 3 week old chicks but then noticed that it is from at least one of my 1 week olds. It seemed like my 3 week olds went through a couple of days where they had diarrhea at about 1 week. Does anyone know if this is pretty normal for a 1 week old chick? Anyone know what could be causing them to have diarrhea?
If it's not bloody and looks like melted chocolate, chances are you are noticing ceceal poo and it's completely normal. Sort of a flushing out of their GI tract, it occurs every six to ten movements:

(Warning the above link contains poo pics, lots of them

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