Is it ok for a chicken to be limping?

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Eric R

6 Years
Jul 12, 2017
Magnolia, TX
I have a light brahma that I assume fell off a roost and injured one of her legs. I have isolated her to help her recover but I don't see any improvement and it's been 2 months. Nothing seems broken. I'm thinking she injured a joint somewhere in her leg or something like that. She seems to be fine other than the limp. She eats, drinks moves around and even lays eggs. I don't want to cull her if I don't need to so I was just going to put her back with the flock. I have read some people have chickens that limp and carry on just fine with the flock.

Any thoughts?
have had chicken with more serious limp (to the point of using one wing to help moving around). She has fully recovered after 1.5 months being caged. It might have helped she was less than a year old. As long as yours eats, drinks and not getting pecked to heavily, she will be allright.
She really doesn't stand on it but she will use it to run away. I thought keeping her from using it would help but I'm wondering if forcing her to use it may be better at this point. But she behaves like a normal chicken other than the limp.

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