Is it possible for chickens to kill a hawk?

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    Aug 17, 2011
    Yesterday one of my hens got hurt and was bleeding by her beak. Of course the others were going crazy and I pulled her out. I thought they were picking on her and could not understand why. Well, I have her out and hoping she recovers so I can put her back in the flock.
    When DH got home we looked around the run and found a good bit of hawk feathers, but that is it. No blood, bones, nothing else. There was a small amount of blood on some wood, but that could have been from my hen.
    My question is could they have killed a hawk and eatten the entire bird? I have 14 hens and 1 Game Roo all about 40 weeks old except the Roo who is a year old, covered run and coop. There is a gap inside the barn at the very top about 5" wide, that is the only place we could see that anything could get in.
    This is a mystery and I am hoping that she just got hurt in the frenzy and not that they were picking just on her.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Theoretically, they could have killed it. Although unlikely, it has happened. Eaten the whole bird? No. Birds don't eat bones and feathers.

    Your hawk will likely be back. It was just driven off somehow.

    Good luck.

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