Is it possible to combine 2 flocks for winter?


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May 14, 2010
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We have an existing flock of hens in a large yard, practically free range, behind our house. They've been great for bug control out there.

We have ordered additional pullet chicks for spring. I would love to have them in a separate location to do bug control near our front deck. They would need their own coop and yard. Their enclosure would be 25-30 feet from the original yard, and the flocks could see each other.

The place I want to keep the 2nd flock is not accessable for winter maintenance.

Is it possible to easily integrate the 2nd flock into the large back yard with the existing flock next fall? I thought we moved the 2nd coop back there, they wouldn't be sharing sleeping space, just ranging space.

Any shared wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


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Sep 7, 2008
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It can be done.
Easily I'm not so sure. There almost certainly be squabbles as they integrate and work out the new pecking order.

Good luck

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