Is it to late in the season to start?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by AAindigo, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Aug 17, 2013
    Well I have my area picked out, We will be taking over part of pre-existing garden with much of the fencing up already. My coop will be 4x8 and the run will be 12x14. I have a bit of moving to do and then I will need to build the coop. I figure to have the coop up and ready by mid to late September.

    My question: Is this to late to start my hobby? Should I wait til spring? I live in the NE.


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    As long as you can get electric to the coop so you can keep water thawed I would start now.
    If you start with chicks in September or October, you'll be eating fresh eggs by March.
    If you wait till spring you won't have eggs till late summer or fall.
    I like starting chicks in October. IMO they are just big enough to handle the cold when it arrives and feather out well because it is so cool when they're growing.

    Think about your worst winter weather and imagine making your way out to open the door and provide fresh water and food on the worst day. If you can handle that then start now.
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    Get the chicks today. They will be in the brooder/house/garage until the end of September so plenty of time and motivation to get the coop up and done. You will have all of October for them to acclimate to the colder weather and by first frost/snow they will be fine outside without heat.

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