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Feb 2, 2007
I live in Iowa and my goose has layed two eggs and one of my turkeys has layed an egg. It is way to cold to hatch babies now. Will they still lay at the proper time? This is the first year they are old enough to lay, they were babies last year.
They turkeys should lay all summer. Not sure about the goose, but I'm assuming they should lay for most of the season. I don't think you will have a problem with lack of eggs!
Thanks. Right now it's still cold enough the eggs freeze. I'd like to get some babies thisyear.
Wow, I wish mine would start!!! The geese lay for most of the spring into summer. my hen layed about 40 eggs last year. My turkeys started later and layed about 20 eggs. I think they will lay more this year since they are older Most of the time the hen turkeys will lay a few duds first. It is no big deal if you are going to hatch all of your own eggs but if you plan on selling some make sure you do a fertility check. What kinds of turkeys and geese do you have? Jenn
My goose that is laying is a Roman goose. My turkeys are a bourbon red {Tom} . A spanish,a royal palm and a bronze mix hen.
My pair of egyptian geese layed all winter, and I was also wondering if they will continue to lay. I got them at 4 weeks old in May last year and they started to lay in September. I hatched two eggs in November just to see if I could, and have just moved the big babies out a few weeks ago. She lays me an egg every other day. Will she keep it up this year? Do you think she will lay next winter, too? I know nothing about geese, do they molt like chickens?

I had a bourbon red turkey hen lay last year in February, she layed through May and then stopped cold! My other turkey hen didn't start until late April, and layed all summer into the fall. Go figure!
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