Is it wise to keep a Bantam roo with 2 full-sized roos?


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
I have 15 heavy breed hens of various breeds and 2 Australorp/Orpington roos. The roos get along very well as they were raised together. One is much larger than the other (hence the names Midas and Napoleon). The worst thing that ever happens is that Midas (the larger of the two) chases Napoleon around a little but they have never fought. Our new additions for the year are 4 more BR hens and 4 mixed breed bantams who are now 9 weeks old and getting along great. One of the bantams has turned out to be a roo. I have never had a problem introducing new chickens to their elder members of the flock but I am concerned about having the Bantam roo with the standard roos (who are about 10 times bigger). I was not too worried about the bantam hens as my standard roos seem to already have their favorites and the bantams hens can already fly/run away from things pretty easily. However, the roo changes all that, I guess. Am I better off just having a seperate bantam flock altogether? I don't want any of them to get hurt or to develop any difficult behavior problems as they are all very sweet and friendly birds. Thanks for the advice!
I have a bantam silkie roo, 2 OEGB roos, a SLW roo and a BO roo all free ranging together.

The silkie roo is the 'King', and then the OEGB's, the BO and SLW fall in that order beneath him.

You should see the OEGB chase the BO...cracks us up
Bantams and standards will mix just as well as multiple standard or multiple bantam roos. I have very nice japanese bantams toward both people and hens. They beat up my standard roos up and keep them in line so they don't over mate the hens. If a roo is aggressive it's going to be aggressive toward all roos. If it's not then it's not. Size doesn't matter.

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