Is it worth building them a larger quarantine coop?


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May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok so I have posted about these gals before. This is day 9. Tomorrow either I am going to tell the hubby to cull or I am going to kill my self in the heat to build them a bigger quarantine coop. I have an old A frame from an old swing. Too easy to but walls on this thing, some hardware cloth, a small dog house, hang their food. If I am going to keep them another 20 or more days like this I want to keep them in a bigger area. They are such sweet girls. I feel bad. They are stuck in chicken jail and all the while all three of them give me presents daily. Makes ya feel so bad for the sweet little things and they are too sweet.

Ok so here is the scenario. Bought them from sources unknown. They are probably less than a year. They are either black sex links or australops ( bit of color to the feathers). They started out making an odd sound which developed into a kind of hiccupy sneeze sound. They had no water that I ever saw when I bought them but there was an empty chick waterer there soo. I have given no antibiotics. They do at times have runny poo. Its not constant and it seems only to be on the hottest days. Those days everyone seems to get a little run. Not sure why. So sometimes normal poo and sometimes runny poo. They still have no cough. They did show a little clear nasal drainage at first but that might have just been because they stayed on top of that waterer the first few days. Still seem healthy otherwise. Still as active as they can be in chicken prison. Not droopy, feathers don't look dirty, no sign of mites although I will probably dust them before they join the others. I don't want to bring anything in but I am just not sure this is something I need to cull over. They still do the hiccupy sneeze.

If this is not something to cull over then that coop is getting built. I already have most of the materials on hand. Advise would be really appreciated.


Hiccupy sneeze
sometimes runny brown poo,
a little clear nasal drainage for the first 5 days

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