Is long fibered sphagnum moss ok for bedding in a brooder?


11 Years
Feb 6, 2011
I was going to order some chicks, but when I went to the feed store this morning they already had some in! I bought 10 auracanas and they are so cute. I'm using a large rectangular shaped bird cage and have a red light for heat. I put a paper bag on the floor of the cage because the floor is wire with spaces too big for their feet. I'm afraid they will get stuck inbetween the wires. I read in other threads where people use peat moss for bedding. I have a bag of long fibered sphagnum peat moss that people use for lining hanging baskets, mulching, soil free growing etc. It says it is organic so I don't think there is anything added to it. I guess my question is, can I put a layer of this stuff on top of the paper bag? Would it be enough to prevent splayed foot? Thank you!

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