Is my Bantam a she or he? Help!


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Jun 7, 2013
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This is Jack. I raised jack from 1 week old. She got her name from from Si on Duck Dynasty..... Hey Jack! lol Anyway, Jack and my RIP roo would always be challenging each other, unlike my girls who never gave my roo any crap. My roo got mean so we had to cull him. But now...Jack is kinda sorta acting like my old roo. Standing on top of the run waiting for the girls to go to bed, but last night Jack waited too long and couldn't see to get off the run and back into the coop. lol She tends to go her own separate way rather than standing with my other girls. She not a loner, she hangs out with them, don't get me wrong, but she tends to do her own thing. I noticed lately that my little Bantam (she's 19 weeks old) that she QUICKLY grew wattles and a comb...and I mean fast! That raised a red flag, along with her behavior so I need to know, is Jack a roo? If Jack is indeed a roo, he'd have his own special coop because Jack was my "special chickie" who I'd never get rid of. It would break my heart! So here she/he is!!!

Is Jack a Silkie Bantam?

I could have swore I heard a pathetic crow this morning coming from coop 1 where Jack is housed. I'm not sure if it came from mine though because 2 of my neighbors have chickens and roos, but when I got out of my truck to check on coop 1, I heard absolutely nothing...the crowing stopped. LOL

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Jack looks like a he with the comb/wattles and the red on his shoulders. That red, black and gray he has is going to be a really pretty color combination.
You all were right. My Silkie mix started cock-a-doodle-dooing about 2 weeks ago! Thanks for your input everyone! Very much appreciated.

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