Is my brown chinese a male or a female???


8 Years
Feb 21, 2016
Hola all,

So… Lucy Goose is 5 months old. When she was born, I thought she was a boy…. then I thought she was a girl… and NOW I am being told that she is a male because of the "bump" on her beak. …. so I thought I'd inquire with all the professional fowl lovers on this site! What do you think? Male or Female? (picture attached)

I admit, I hope she is a female because I am worried about having an aggressive goose. She is not aggressive with me, but is starting to be with other people (particularly men). She is an only goose, raised by a human (me) only hours after hatching.

Thank you in advance!


No… I don't know for sure. I think she's a girl. My boyfriend and his friends swear she is a boy. I guess we'll see. :) Thanks for your response!

Such a pretty goose!!!! Love this bundle of feathers.

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