Is my chicken old?

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Is my hen old? She never lays eggs. I bought my her a few weeks ago and she seemed uncomfortable. The other 2 hens i have keep attacking her and her feathers fall out. She is always limping and never going next to my other hens and my rooster. And whenever my rooster mates her, she will squawk like crazy and run away.

    P.S. My hens coop is seperated from the other chickens since she is always getting bullied by the other 2 big hens.

    P.P.S. My rooster only makes this sound when my hens attack my other new hen.

    Please answer soon.=D
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  2. WalkingOnSunshine

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Hi, welcome to BYC.

    There's no way to tell if your hen is old by what you've written. There are lots of other reasons that she might not be laying eggs besides age.

    One could be straight-up stress. She's had a change in location, flock, and even feed. With the bullying, I'm not surprised that she might not be laying eggs.

    Another reason could be light. If she came from a home where they supplemented light and you do not use extra light, that could throw her into a moult regardless of the time of year. That would account for not laying eggs and the falling feathers.

    Do you know if she was laying at her former home?

    You can try to post some photos of her, with a close-up view of her legs and face. That would help us determine if she is indeed an older bird.

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