Is my chicken sick?

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Sep 22, 2021
Hi, I’ve noticed some odd signs with my chicken. I noticed yesterday that she was limping and I saw a small wound on the bottom of her toe. I’m thinking she might’ve gotten a thorn in her foot from our barberry bushes. Anyways, I noticed today that she has small droppings. She usually lays eggs every other day but their kinda odd-shaped. She sits down a lot and has a droopy tail. I’m not sure if she has a droopy tail due to her foot or something? Even before she hurt her foot, I noticed that she was sitting down frequently but had normal droppings, no droopy tail, and still was laying every other day with kinda odd-shaped eggs. She has been eating and drinking fine and she is in the box now. I feed them fruit, eggs, mealworms, sometimes cheese with a crushed calcium pill, their normal feed, oyster shells. Should I give them more foods with calcium or somethin’?


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More of the balanced diet and less of the additions might be a good idea. A general rule of thumb is that a point of life balanced diet should make up approximately 90% of a bird's diet.

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