Is my coop and run big enough?


8 Years
Mar 16, 2011
Naples, FL
I have an 8x8 coop with an 8x16 run. We currently have 5 RIR and are thinking of adding some more, the question is how many? I do not want to over crowd them but we are really enjoying our chickens. I am thinking of making our run larger maybe add another 8 feet so it is 16x16 but that is down the road. Thanks.
For 5 birds, it's wonderful. Make sure the coop is very well ventilated and have a blast. Based on some scales you could go as high as a dozen, others, even more if the chicken math fever get a hold of you but for now you're just great. Chickens will adapt to what they're given and apprectiate every square inch.

Do your birds have any outside roosts for hot weather, mine love theirs.
No outside roosts, I go out and close up my coop every night. My run is secure or at least I think it is, I am sure they would be fine, just a little nervous about them staying outside. They have been fine in the coop for a couple of months now, it doesn't have a ton of ventilation but they have been fine to date.

When we got our chicks we were advised to give them seven square feet per chicken. That's the yard. I don't know standards for coops. Ours is a converted firewood store, not pretty, but secure and the chicks are happy. Alethea
I wouldn't personally put chickens out in the open to roost, but I do have a short one in the open pen under shade and they use it during the day. It gets hot here in Texas so pretty much open are for us. It might freeze once in awhile here so am prepared to block it off for them.
Here are a couple of photos and a link to an album:


IMG_0759.jpg Coop/
Great job!!! The general rule is 4 sq ft per bird in the coop and 10 sq ft per bird in the run.

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