Is my coop/run ok for Silkies, if I want to use the Deep Litter Method?

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I'm new to all of this, and recently bought and built a coop. It sits on a cinderblock foundation, and has about 6 inches of pine chips in the "run". However, as you may know, Silkies love to sleep wherever is easiest, and my hens really only sleep in the run. The run is pretty safe from diggers between the cinderblocks and a hardware apron that runs out over 2 feet, so I don't mind them sleeping outside, EXCEPT that I'm wanting to do the deep litter method.

    In the case of my coop, that means the entire run is pine chips (and manure), as I mentioned before - the roosting bars and egg boxes aren't really utilized by the Silkies because they just don't seem to want to get up there. Is this safe for my hens, to sleep on the chips, if the chips are part of the deep litter method? I've only heard that it creates good bacteria, so I haven't been worried, but figured I'd ask.

    My coop/run model:

    My actual coop:

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