is my duck egg bound!?


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5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
hi i have a three year old indian runner duck, she is a very active and healthy bird with lots of character. my three runner ducks lay eggs, but in batches, they will lay for a short period of time consistently then suddenly stop for about three or four weeks.
my ducks are very naughty and eat their eggs if they are not collected soon enough, so i put golf balls in their nesting boxes for them to play with. my ducks are not currently laying, but one is very 'broody', she spends almost all day in the nesting area on the golf balls. we don't have a drake, but the three girls take turns in carrying out the 'role' of drake. i have heard that runners don't get broody often and are quite bad mothers. when i approach the nesting box she grumbles and sort of goes to attack me. i am worried that she is eggboud, but i think she is more likely to be broody.


please reply and help me!

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