Is my girl sick?

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    So I may just be worrying too much but today one of my girls acted sort of weird. We are in Florida and it was hot but I'm sure she has been in hotter weather but perhaps not since she has started laying.

    Any who, I found her just standing around a few times today like she was in a daze? While the other girls were foraging she was just standing there staring into space.

    She did lay an egg this morning.
    She was foraging a little bit.
    She was drinking water today.
    She sort of ate the treats I gave the girls but not really. Normally when I give them shrimp peels they go crazy for them. She ate the ones the other girls missed but she didn't go crazy for them or fight the other girls for them like normal.
    A couple times she just laid in the dirt as if she were too hot.

    I looked in the coop to examine all the poops from last night and nothing weird. But I did fine a runny poop in the yard that looked like it had little specs of something in it but it could have just been something they ate and I'm not sure which girl did it.

    She's a Columbian Wyandotte and just started laying about two weeks ago.

    Does it sound like she might have the beginning of anything anyone may have had experience with or am I just a worry wort?

    Oh! I did find her drinking water in the yard yesterday that was in a empty container that had non-dairy yogurt in it that I had given to them the day before. It was rain water that had fallen into the cup. I totally forgot it was in the yard. I stopped her and threw it out. It looked fine just cloudy from the yogurt. It was organic coconut milk yogurt.

    Is there anything (non-antibiotic) that I can give her perhaps to make sure she is ok? Some homemade all natural something???

    here is the poop (icky)

  2. chooks4life

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Sounds like possible heat stroke or exhaustion to me. But I'd personally check her as she roosts at night, feel her crop and abdomen, and breastbone too, to see if she's got an impacted crop or lost weight.

    Garlic, raw, is a great natural antibiotic and can kill bacteria etc that the strongest artificial antibiotics can't.

    Best wishes.
  3. Couture Family

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    I looked into the roost and found a spot what looked like someone had peed (a lot). It's not where the water is so it's not spilled water.
    There is no poop in that spot just wet sand? like a really wet poop or something?

    She seems ok? She laid her egg today and did eat a little of the treat I gave them. If she had a full crop would she be able to still lay?

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