is my hen broody

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Feb 9, 2018
is my hen broody
my hen is marans breed and she have a broody insticts but she isnt going broody i didnt why
maybe is because i collect the eggs everyday from nest box and i dont let anything in box (fake egg or golf ball real egg) can tell to me anyone what to do pls i hade some things to wait the hen to join in box and to let a lot of eggs there maybe she go really broody
She will go broody when she's ready. Eggs left in the boxes won't make a difference. Some hens no longer have the instinct to go broody and it's been bred out of them.
The only thing you can do is leave some fake eggs in the nest box and also make sure that the hen you want to go broody is not being annoyed by other hens while she is in there. If more dominant hens are disturbing her she might keep leaving the nest ro get away from them. Apart from this it's just a waiting game. She could go broody any time...or not.

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