Is my hen getting enough good food?


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Apr 24, 2014
My single hen, a Plymouth BR, doesn't much like the commercial layers mash. She ranges (and nearly destroys!) my garden, where she finds plenty of feed year round (I'm in Miami), and she loves the unshelled sunflower seeds, short grain brown rice and flax seeds I give her. She also gets lots of kitchen scraps, including her favorite tropical fruits such as papaya and mango.
At a year old, she's laying six eggs a week, or thereabouts, and has yet to molt. She's one happy hen, but is she getting the right amount of food?

Thanks for any advice.
For thousands of years, the model worldwide on small farms has been for the chickens to feed themselves by foraging during the good weather months, which for you is year around. You'll get plenty of people on this forum that will tell you that is impossible but I grew up on one of those farms. As long as the forage is good, chickens can feed themselves. Good forage means different kinds of grasses and weeds, grass and weed seeds, all kinds of creepy crawlies, and some dead vegetation like leaf litter to scratch around in. On a manicured lawn they will not get that variety but it sounds like your forage is pretty diverse. I would not worry about it.
Thank you. Perhaps I should have asked if there is anything else I should be adding, but I think she's probably OK.

No shortage of creepy crawlies here, where I used to have a manicured lawn... Still, I don't have small kids and the area is being put to better use, now. :)

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