Is my Hen now in a people flock?


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May 13, 2014
So After wakeing to feathers all about the ground, I noted one hen was staying in the coop and upon inspection she had lots of feathers missing on her belly. We brought her in and certainly had watery nasty poo. She went down hill fast from there, stopped eating only laid around. I searched all through here it seemed she had a nasty bacterial infection by my vets poo inspection. So I treated her for both Stomach bacteria and sour crop. Her crop was just full of fluid and small bits of white stuff during this time. I had to force feed and trick her into water for about 4 days. But at the end of meds she finally started eating.

However she seems now to dislike her chicken food as it was what I forced her to eat. Her poo was firm when I forced her to eat the crumbles. But now she eats mostly free roam (looks like a lot of grass) some dry oats, and some squash and cucumbers. Her poo is very runny. Her bahaviour is very odd. She is up alert, but only stays in my front yard. Wont go with the other chickens all around our house into the trees. I have seen 2 of them peck her and chase her a bit. She just stays in my garage and goes behind stuff when the others come in there. There are 2 that are nice to her, and she will even peck them away from her treats. And today I noted she would come into the yard if I go out there working. But when I go in, back in the garage :/ She also will go and hide inside the big coop when others chickens are not in there. She will try to dust and nibble.

So really its a 2 part question. Since her diet still isnt normal should I worry about her watery poo? And If the flock she has been with since day 1 threw her out and started bulling her, is her clingy behaviour truely clingy....or should I be worried still?

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