Is my hen really actually broody?

Chicks Galore3

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Dec 16, 2011
I am having a hard time deciding if she is or not. I read and article (by myfivegirls- great article!) about broodiness. My ameracauna, Pebble, fits some of the description of a broody hen but she comes of the nest when I throw some scratch and will go out to forage. She does usually come back three or four times to sit on the nest. She will puff up and fill almost the entire 1'x1' nesting box and make low 'growl' sounds when stick my hand in there and especially the other hens. She pecks and the others but not at me. Does this mean broodiness or not? Oh, and she has laid a couple eggs the past 4-5 days she has acted like this.


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Nov 14, 2012
Oklahoma, US
ChicksGalore, I had a young hen do this. She was indeed broody. When I put her alone in a special tractor we made for just such occasions, she only had one nesting box to be in (so she couldn't get mixed up) and she didn't get distracted by the other hens, get out, and get back on a different nest box.

She seems ambiguous. ;)

But if confined could turn into full blown sitting. A hard core broody will rarely jump off her nest until she is really, really hungry, and in our experience, not when many are around. (guess she feels safer leaving off then?)

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