Is My Mini Mare Pregnant?


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
Fredericksburg, VA
Hi all!
I just got this sweetheart yesterday from a rescue. She was an owner surrender along with her 8 month old filly. When I was taking pictures, she kind of looks pregnant to me. I was told that she was pastured with a stallion, but no one knows if she was bred. Any thoughts?


She looks pretty big already. She's either bloated, pregnant, or to fat.
I would recommend trying to listen to her stomach by putting your ears on her stomach. You may be able to see something.
Is she dilated.
I was told she is only on hay, they weren't giving her any grain at all. I don't think she is fat. She is happy and seems perfectly healthy, I wouldn't think she is bloated. When she stretches her back leg up to itch, he bucks does open some. Here is a picture of her tests, it it will let me load it.
Looks pregnant to me, she is hanging quite low and from the rear pic the shape looks like the shape of the foal. If she is pregnant she would only have a few months left maybe less. My pregnant mare although is a thoroughbred has the same shape, my mare is two months away from foaling. Keep a close watch on her as she may foal soon.
From looking at her teats. And actually getting on a decent computer to see pictures she's definitely pregnant

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