is my Momma rabbit doing the right thing HELP!!!!!!!!

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    Jan 26, 2015
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    My rabbit had her babies today. it has been cool mid 50's at night. I put a heat lamp in the cage for the babies because 3 passed already and were cold to the touch. but after putting the heat lamp in momma rabbit wont get in the box with the babies. I am afraid she is not feeding them or doing what she should. she is just staying in the corner of the cage and has allday that I can tell, any help is greatly appreciated, this is all new to me and first time.
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    Sounds like she may of rejected them. 3 have passed already? I would be worrying. For a start while your trying to figure out what's happening , Take out the heat Lamp and Fill a hot water bottle with warm (not hot) water and place the bottle under the towel and bedding in the nesting box. The kits should not have direct contact with the bottle since this will likely be too warm

    Okay here goes.

    Does the mother have constant access to Food and water? Ensuring that she receives proper nutrition will also help reduce the possibility of the mother cannibalizing the kits. The doe’s natural instinct is to stay away from the nest most of the time, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t actually see her nursing, which will only happen once or twice a day.[ Instead, look for signs that she’s nursed. The babies will be warm and have round tummies from feeding. They’ll also be quiet instead of making mewling noises like a kitten if they’re well fed.

    If she hasn't fed them since birth I would be worried. Give her 10 more minutes or so and if she hasn't fed her kits (baby rabbits) You are going to have to hand fed them. Yes- It means making up a formula (if you haven't already bought formula) hand feeding the kits. Then if the mother hasent shown interest in hurting them place them back into their birth area. Where its nice and warm. This will help to save their lives. Maybe the mother might start to nurse them. If not continue the hand feeding process for two days, if she still shows no interest take the kits out and make up a separate place for them with the hot water bottle. You will have to continue to hand feed them in this case.

    The heat lamp could of greatly annoyed her. Light+Exhausted Rabbit=Annoyed Doe. However this may not be the case and for your future rabbits safety I suggest hand feeding them.

    Place the Doe back in with her Kits once the heat lamp is switched with a hot water bottle. And see how she goes. If she runs away again try to make or buy milk powder and hand feed you babys.

    Best of luck!

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