is my netherland dwarf rabbit ok


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Feb 8, 2009
i got a netherland dwarf rabbit at a poultry show yesterday and its eyes are hazy blue is that something that i should be worried about
sounds like a cataract. I also have a netherland and one eye is completely cloudy like that and I'm assuming she's blind in that eye. It doesn't hurt her at all and she's been like that since I've had her. Nothing to worry about healthwise if that's what it is...just may need to modify her living space where she can find things without sight? If you can post a picture I'll tell you if it looks like mine to verify. Just sounds to me like that's what it is.
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Is the haze over the pupil? There are blue eyed rabbits-usually white, but sometimes solid or rabbits that are mostly solid with a little white can be blue eyed.
Do rabbits get herpes of the eye likes cats can? It looks like a cloud over the eye in the color your describing, bluish/white.

Do the eyes look like this?

if so this is usually caused by infection, normally nest box eye, it can take up to 6 months to show up to this stage of blindness.

please post a picture of the eye problems so we can help.
hey sorry it took me so long to get back and ill post a pic tonight when i get home but the rabbit is very young could it still have cataracts and also the rabbit is buff colored thanks so much for all the help

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