Is my pullet sick?


6 Years
Jul 2, 2014
My white rock girl will be 23 weeks tomorrow. She was perfectly fine yesterday but when I let them out this morning she's started to make these almost honking like noises. She's also making her regular noises along with them too. And if it helps any she also squatted for the first time this morning. Her poops look fine and normal.
Sometimes they inhale water or whatever. and the noise eventually goes away. If it continues past a day, catch her and have a look down her throat and evaluate her health overall, then let us know.
I watched her throughout that day and have been continuing to keep a eye on her. The noises slowly left throughout the day so I'm guessing she inhaled water or swallowed a wood chip or something. She's all better now :) Thanks again for your help
That's good news.
Alright, so she was fine for a few days and now she's sort of sneezing and making noises similar to the noise a human makes when they have a runny nose and they breathe in (only thing I can compare it too) does she just have a cold? Can chickens get colds? Or is it something more serious?
Well, it's more serious than a cold. You should take her out of the flock and put her in a hospital pen immedately. And she needs to be on an antibiotic most likely. Gallimycin is good for starters.
Are her eyes affected? There are many antibiotics you can get on line, but go to the feed store and see what they suggest, a lot of feed stores will sell Gallimycin or other antibiotics for chicken respiratory ailments.

Sorry, I just saw your post. Please keep us advised.
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