Is my silkie sick or tired?


7 Years
Aug 9, 2013
My chickens had a very busy weekend being played with, carried and fed by a lot of kids who had never experienced tame backyard chickens. Last night I noticed that my silkie didn't roost with the other girls as she usually does. This morning I noticed that she was just hanging out in the shade next to the nesting box. She sat there all day and really couldn't be convinced to come out at all.

I put a tray of water next to her but I never saw her drink. I dipped her beak a couple of times and she swallowed at least once. She laid an egg right where she lay (she's never missed the box before.) Her crop is pretty full for not having eaten all day but it's not hard or extended at all. I think there's a lot of scratch in there.

Could she just be exhausted and suffering from being overfed? No bloody stool, her butt looks fine, no mites. The other hens are same as ever but they don't get carried around like she does.

I should say it was in the 90s today but that hasn't bothered her overly much before. She's around 8 or 9 months old.

Thanks for any thoughts. I imagine either way I'll know more tomorrow morning.
Try looking up symptoms and treatment for sour or impacted crop. If her crop is full when she hasn't been eating, something probably isn't right with it.
So last night I brought her in, fed her electrolytes in water through a syringe and yogurt. She drank and ate eventually, then really perked up. I put her on the perch for the night and this morning she got up and ate and drank normally, then she went right back to her spot next to the nesting box and has been sitting there all day. Could she just be broody?
Sounds like she could be going broody. But since she is a silkie, I'd check her all over for lice and mites as they do like to hide out on the silkies. Also, if you look at her "poop" it will be much larger and light a rounded plop if she is truly broody. Aren't silkies just the sweetest!
Put an egg in front of her. If she tucks it under her she's broody.
HAH I tried that and she did. But then she moved off the box of fake eggs I gave her and is sitting next to the nesting box again. Weirdo bird. I do love her so much!

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