Is one Tom enough for two hens?


8 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Selah, Washington
I am a bit perplexed...I got a 3 year old hen from a neighbor ...price, one of her babies at a later date...Her name is Jenny...I got another hen about a year old price free...her name is Jasmine... I couldn't find a Tom to save my life and finally one came up for sale on Craigslist...$24 he'll be a year in June...his name is Tommy..

Jenny apparently is a cougar...she had never been exposed to a Tom before and she got Tommy trained like a lil They are like two peas in a pod constantly together...

Jasmine on the other hand doesn't seem to have any interest at all in Tommy and vice a versa...she wanders around aimlessly calling for a Tom...

is she just too young, she isn't impressed by Tommy yet? any ideas? the only time she spends with the other two turkeys is at night when they go to roost...the rest of the day she spends with the chickens...

Jenny has started laying and will go broody soon is it possible that Tommy will turn his attention to Jenny then? Maybe pen them together somewhere once Jenny is occupied?

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