Is Prid toxic? Help!


Dec 12, 2019
North Florida
I was wrapping one of the bumblefoots with prid on a bandage and vet wrap. But then she tore off the bandage and ATE the nonstick pad with prid on it! Should I be worried?? Is it toxic??
The prid might act like a flush to the system. But, I'd be more worried about her eating the pad.
hmm, well, it was a very tiny square of nonstick pad, there are probably worse things accidentally in her run. I was specifically worried about the toxicity of ingested prid. Since the drawing salve is meant for people and not animals, I wasn't sure the poison control hotline could help me. What do you mean by flush to the system?
A flush would make her have diarrhea - clean out her system. I doubt there was enough prid to be toxic though. I would imagine that she would have symptoms by now if there was anything to worry about.
Just make sure she has plenty of fresh water.

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