Is pvc chicken run predator safe?

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    Jul 7, 2015
    Hello I would Like to build cheap chicken run. But I have dogs and my fencing is low all the way around.. And my neighbor has had chickens killed by a possum.

    1st. PVC Chickens Run cheap and easy build?
    2nd is it predator proof? Even if I make it mobile?
    3rd. Is possible make both run and coop (coop made out pallets) mobile?

    Also plans or links to how to instructions greatly appreciated..
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  2. Google 'chicken tractor' lot of plans out there...
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    Nov 30, 2013
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    I would not trust PVC unless you use very large diameters, which negates both the cost and weight advantages. If it's light and cheap, it is not very good at foiling a determined intruder. Dogs are the worst you need to worry about structurally, then use hardware cloth at least 18 inches around the bottom to avoid possum attacks.

    This is the type I use, which I believe to be predator-proof (maybe not for bears, but we don't have anything bigger than coyotes and dogs to worry about).

    In PA, they do not work for winter, I remove the tarps and let them sit unused until spring.
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    Oct 10, 2015
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    We built our run using CPVC 2 inch pipe. (got it all for free) Our run is 8 foot by 20 foot and 8 foot tall. All the pipe is glued together and the corners of the run are cemented in, We have cross pieces at the 4 foot high point and piping spaced 3 foot across the top. At the south end we have a cement block that is two feet under ground which supports the door opening. The entire run is covered with 1/4 inch hardware cloth which we wove together at the four foot height, We dug down a foot and put wire on the floor of the run and wove it to the side wire. Same thing for the top of the run. Took us two weekends non stop to weave all the fencing together but felt it will be worth it in the long run. The run is also bolted to the back of the coop with pipe hangers for extra support.
    We got a few pieces of Vinyl roofing panels last night on clearance at lowes and plan to mount them to the roof CPVC using screws and rubber washers. Our biggest expense was the hardware cloth, everything else we had or got for free.
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