Is she a banty?


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I ordered a Speckled Sussex and a Dominique from a hatchery, to add to my Americauna and Black Australorpe. They were supposed to be the same age as my two (8 weeks) when I got them about four weeks ago. They were both way smaller than the two I'd had since they were a day old. The Dominique has just about caught up to the other two, but the Sussex is about half their size. What do you think?
Need pics. Dominiques are big birds though.
Whiskey is the Speckled Sussex in the front of this picture with Echo (black australorpe) and Oscar (Americauna). She is supposed to be the same age as the others, and she looked to be about the same age, other than her size, when we got her.


Here are Whiskey and Tango a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, in large fowl, Sussex are quite a bit larger than Dominiques.
Well, cool! I wanted variety. Anything I should be doing differently if/because she is a bantam? She is actually kind of in charge out there - much bossier than the others. Tango, the Dominique, is the shy one.
she isnt a banty she looks more like a barred rock than a dominq because dominiqs black and white dashes are smaller and more numorus the markings on this chick are larger and farther apart like the barred rock
The Dominique (and she'd better be one, as she was specifically ordered) is definitely full sized. She caught up with my other two in about a week. It's the Speckled Sussex that I was asking about, as she is maybe half (or less) the size of the others.

I guess it doesn't matter what Tango is, except I ordered based on the personality characteristics I wanted, rather than appearance.

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