Is she a Golden Laced Wyandotte?


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Apr 22, 2014
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I recently added these three to my flock. The gold and black one was sold to me as a "golden laced wyandotte". After looking at pictures, I do not think she has the markings. Any opinions? If she isn't, do you think she is another amaracauna like her white and silver sisters?

You're correct, that's not laced or a Wyandotte. That color is often seen in juvenile plumage on wild-type colored birds. Look through the Easter egger threads and you'll see birds with dark heads like hers and brown bodies--that's what she'll look like. Very hawk-ish in appearance!
And I wouldn't leap to the black/white one being a pullet...that is a common rooster pattern in Easter Egger, and it looks blotchier right now rather than even patterned. I would watch and wait to see if that one is a rooster.

Donrae gave you a good suggestion to check on the Easter Egger thread to see color patterns, and gender patterns.

I would also recommend you visit this page to see the difference between true Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers. You don't have Ameraucanas...there aren't any beards and muffs, and the legs aren't slate (they look green in the photo, forgive me if I'm seeing that wrong in my monitor...I can't get your photos to enlarge).

Pretty birds any way...and should be nice additions to your flock.

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They all look like Easter Eggers to me. I'm not sure on gender, but the white and black one in particular is looking suspiciously rooster-ish.
Thank you for the replies, everyone. I appreciate the feedback as I am new to chickens with one month under my belt. Here are some better pictures of the silver one. Do you think she is a roo? I'll need to take him back if he is because I already have one cockerel. Thank you!


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