Is she a Production Red?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MichelleP, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. MichelleP

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    Jun 14, 2013
    The lady we bought her from (who was reducing her flock), thought she was an EEer...we know for a fact she is not..obviously. But from her coloring, we are thinking maybe a Production Red? But she is too beautiful...I have not seen many beautiful PRs. She has a twin sister that looks identical to her. They have the sweetest personalities. What are your thoughts?

  2. Percheron chick

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    Apr 12, 2013
    Boulder, Colorado
    That's what I'd call her too.
  3. She could be a production red, but she also may be an outright cross. She also has a touch of that New Hampshire look to her as well.

    Frankly, she's likely isn't any breed if judged at a show, according to the SOP. That's fine.

    The truth, however, is that she is stunningly lovely. That is all that should matter. She's gorgeous.
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    Jul 2, 2013
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    She looks very similar to my little flock of Golden Comets except mine have lighter tail feathers where yours looks like dark tail feathers. She might be some type of sexlink hybrid. Very pretty![​IMG]
  5. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    She looks like a "Production Red" bird. Production Reds are just crosses of various "Red" breeds that lay lots of eggs. She might also just be a mix. Her light coloring makes me think that she has some New Hampshire in her, but other lighter breeds might also contribute to this.

    As Fred's Hens said, she could not be shown at a show. She looks like a mix of breeds, and would not fit into any purebred class.

    But, it doesn't really matter thats she's mixed! She's a beautiful bird! I especially like her golden-red neck feathers.
  6. Mac14

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    Jul 21, 2012
    Northern California
    Beautiful! Love her! :)
  7. MichelleP

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    Jun 14, 2013
    Excellent! Thank you for the help. That makes sense now why some PRs are so ratty looking (since they are mutts lol). The lady had a 40 head flock of these (they all looked the same) and of the most beautiful Barred Rocks. We got 2 or each...SOOO lovely!

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