is she incubate proper?


7 Years
May 19, 2012
i've an asil/shamo hen. she laid her first ten eggs and start sitting on them. but i feel she is not incubating properly because she sitting on them then leave the nest for an hour then again start incubating them and after 4/5 hours again leave nest for an hour. i don't know what's going on? and one thing she is incubating first time. thx
First, often, the first time that a hen tries to incubate eggs, she fails.

Second, sometimes, even a good hen will sit like that for the first two or three days, but then settle down properly.

You will just have to wait for a few days and see how she does.

If she keeps jumping off the nest after a week, i don't think there would be any hope for the eggs.
one more thing, today she again laid another egg but still incubate all the eggs. and she is biting me if i try to take out the eggs.
may be it is possible because in my city, heavy warm weather for two days.

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