is she to fat or constipated?

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Aug 8, 2010
hi my chicken sunny who is the largest hen and is at the top of the pecking order wont move that much! she started doing this about 3 days ago. I have to pick her up and put her in the roost my self because she isn't physically able to get up in the roost! she weighs almost 11 pounds! and she is just to fat. also yesterday and today I've noticed she doesn't want to move a lot. she just lays in the grass and pecks around also when she does walk around she wobbles and her tail feathers touch the ground as if it looks like shes constipated. whenever i go up to her she gets up and runs away but after she runs she slows down and pants a lot! what do i do?
I just lost one of my girls this morning, I'm not sure to what.
But she would just sit in the grass, even let us mow around her, that's how lethargic she would be.
She was the largest of my hens, but she could make it into the henhouse on her own.

Make sure she gets plenty of water. How is her crop? If it is puffy and extended, it may be bound up. Make sure she has access to grit.

This is all just my guessing, so take it accordingly. Good luck.
she just turned 1 year old and while holding her we noticed something. a while ago she had poop stuck to her back feathers below her vent because her feathers were grown out too much. so we washed it and it wouldn't come off so we had to cut of the feathers. well shes had a bald butt for a while now but we just noticed that ever since then her skin under her from her legs to her vent has been filling up with some liquid like water filling into a plastic bag and thats what is dragging her down. what is it? I felt her crop and it didn't feel like there was anything there at all. my other chickens crop feels like a balloon with sand and pebbles in it but with her all I felt was her breast bone!

heres some pics and yes we separated her from the others today she is in a 4 by 4 wood box filled with hay food water and a nest with a light above it.



I went back out there to feel her crop again and i felt it! but it was very empty! it was like a 2 or 3 centimeter saggy balloon with a few pebbles in it.
just checked on her again and she doesn't want to be under the light in the nest where its warm or be up on the perch that we put in there for her. she just wants to lay down in the hay in a dark corner of the box!
she's standing and walking around her box now. eating and drinking well but pooping in big mounds. also its been 3 days and no egg! could she be egg bound?

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