Is something wrong with my Silkie?

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    I've noticed that my Silkie gets poop that drips off his/her vent. The poop is always a peachy brown color. I am constantly checking it to make sure the poop doesn't harden. I haven't noticed this from my other two chicks. Nugget seems to be acting normal other then constantly chirping until I hold him/her or sit near the brooder. What I've been doing to clean it is dipping Nugget's back end in warm water then gently wiping it with a cloth. This last time I noticed it seems as if the vent is protruding. I also saw Nugget pecking at it. I'm attaching pictures. They aren't that great it's the best I could get. I'm a first time chicken owner. (Update) This morning Nugget's butt had poo hardened all over it. So I cleaned it and then he wouldn't stop pooing for a long time. It's always runny. Any info would be great! Thank so much!

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