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10 Years
Jul 11, 2009
St. Paul, MN
I have 5 hens that are nearly a year old. They have been laying eggs for 6 months now. They are eating and drinking normally. However when they eat two of them (a delaware and a red star) sneeze, open their beaks like they're gasping for air and shake their heads around. I'm pretty new at chicken care. Should I be concerned?
Mine do it when they eat crumbles too fast. One reason why I don't like crumbles because they can choke on them. We ran out of feed in our gravity feeder once so I had to feed them out of a bowl. When I set it down my rooster just dug in. Unfortunately he ate to fast and almost choked to death. He was flailing around on the ground. I think the sneezing is like how we would cough. Don't mean to scare you but you shouldn't have to worry about it, just keep an eye out. If you need to, switch to pellets. A lot easier for them to swallow and you don't waste as much food.
maybe that's the problem, it does only seem to happen when they eat
pellets might be a good idea, as they get older they seem to spill more and more food
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