Is terramycin a good idea and how much?

Henny Penney

14 Years
May 2, 2008
wet side of WA, Olympic Peninsula
I am baffled by my lethargic hen. She is the favored one, most tame because she has had health problems in the past, mostly being egg bound (requiring expensive trips to vets) the past two springs, one time each year. She is a very small bantam. All week she mostly just sits, frumpy, wings droopy, looking like a sick chicken but comb looks fine as does the rest of her. I bring her in to observe, she rallied a few days ago and was scratching around again, but now is not rallying, just sitting, seemingly comfortable. She does seem to have watery, mucus, runny poop, but isn't really going much. I am thinking of giving her terramycin as I just don't know what else to do - I have checked for a stuck egg since she has a history of that. I'm not sure of the dosage - package says teaspoon to gallon of water, but then how much of the solution do I want to try to get in her?

Appreciate any ideas. I've raised chickens for 30 years and have had sick chickens only a few times and they are usually more obviously sick.

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