Is the egg devoloping or am I just dumb at candling?


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May 25, 2009
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I candled some of my eggs today, their on day 6, 7 tomorrow, I can see blood lines in some of them and like a air pocket at the ends of em, but theres 1 or 2 that look completly dark, I cant see no line or air pocket. Does that mean its bad? or to early to tell? the ones that are dark are green easter egger eggs, They've been in same length of time a the others.


How Long Till I can See The Baby Moving Inside???????

(Im not impaitient or paranoid I promise!


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On dark eggs, I usually don't candle until day 10. I find it's easier to see the embrio after day 10. If the egg is not a super dark shade and yet it is dark with the light on it, it's probably rotten. The developement shoud be very close to the same from egg to egg if they are all set at the same time.

You should be able to see veining. However, if the veining is one big circle around the egg, it's probably a blood ring and not veining. You should see some darkening and a black "lima bean" shaped baby floating around in ther by day 10.

I know you can search in past posts and on the net for egg developement that will give you day by day developement stages to help you.

Also, I would not recomend opening the incubator often - the temp and humidity will fluctuate too much and your hatch will suffer. I open it at 10 days to candle and add water. Then at day 18 to take out the turner, candle again to see who is moving and add more water.

I sued to open the thing all the time to see the progress, but I had really really bad hatches.

Good luck!


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Leave them be!
I had the same problem with my blue and green eggs. I kept an eye on them, and could see veins just the other day when I checked them again. All I could see on day 7 with them was just dark mass. So, If they aren't leaking, or smell bad, leave them alone.
That's what I learned



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i candled on day 8 and had 2 dark ones that all i could see was air sack and needless to say they were rotten. i learned the hard way.. the other 6 were fine and i could see the embryo moving inside. some people say toss em and others say give it a few more days. a day or 2 probably wouldn't hurt but if they are still completely dark at day 10 i would seriously toss them out before one of them crackes or explodes and contaminates your other eggs as well as gives you a stinky nasty slimy mess to clean up. ( I gag every time i think about that... yuck!!!)

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