Is There A Duckling Feed You'd Recommend

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    Is there a duckling feed that you would recommend for new hatched ducklings when mine do hatch? Other then the over the counter chick feed? I thought I read somewhere to feed some sort of mush type feed?

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    I give my babies and adults the same feed, but add things to make it right. I buy Nutrena Naturewise Poultry grower/developer complete crumble with 17% protein, unmedicated. Other brands are fine, but this is what they have here. The first week of their life I throw it into a blender and shred the crumble into even finer pieces. A ziplock bag and a hammer will do the same for you. For drinking they only get water with extra vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. No plain water at all. I buy this product and it lasts for at least one year with 10 ducks.
    This product also contains niacin (Vitamin B3), which is very important for healthy joints, muscle and neurological development. I make each duckling drink on sip of this water when I transfer them to the brooder. They most likely will not eat in the first 24 hours, but some may.
    The first 3 days I mix on a mash, which is duck food with the vitamin water mix. I also puree a few peas for fun. After 3 days they get the shredded crumble with the vitamin water next to it and a tiny bowl of builders sand as their first grid. The may only take one beak full of sand per day. Really small amounts. They are on this water for their first 10 days, after that they get regular tab water. Vitamin water will be given once per week until they are 10 weeks old, after that once per month. Treats, like peas, can be given once they are one week old, but only small quantities so they don't over eat or overfill their crop. That is like a few peas each, and not more. Real simple.
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    Could I use a multi vitamin or something that I could find locally? I can get Niacin at the store. I'm thinking like a vitamin/ electrolyte powder for newborn calves or something for babies that I could get at the feed store or grocery store? I have 5 babies coming next week, and have never ordered through the mail before. I want to be prepared if any are weak.
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