Is there a HUMANE hatchery where I can order chicks from?

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  1. Iv recently bought my first flock (4 chicks) from a local farm supply store... today I watched a video that had been linked to here on BYC about the cruelty that happens in hatcherys... I do not want to give my money to business's that treat animals that way. But I also live in a urban area and can not have rooster's. What are my option's? Find a small breeder near by? What can I do to make sure the animals are being treated with respect?
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    Hi Your best best would be to find a local breeder. Hatcheries also have a minimum of 25 to order. The only hatchery I know that ships small orders is MyPetChicken I dont buy from hatcheries so I am not too familiar with them Check under the breeders list here on byc it should give you some people in your area
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    Sand Hill Preservation Center

    We are also a no-kill chick facility. We adjust our hatches accordingly to hatch numbers of day-olds within reason. This means we do not have many extras with no homes to go to. It also means we cannot usually meet last minute orders wanting immediate delivery.
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    Sand Hill only offers straight run, I believe. You will have to re-home the roos.
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    Find a local or breeder, That could mean driving up to an hour or so away but the chicks will be better quality and you will not be supporting anything you don't wish to be. You can also see how they raise the birds and see if you agree with the way they handle things. Some local breeder will also happily take back roosters.

    Best of luck.
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    Most local breeders do not sex chicks. I sure don't, though with my BRs, I can pretty much tell you what is what as soon as they are dry from the hatch. Sandhill doesn't sex their chicks at all, plus you need to get your order in very, very early or they sell out of many breeds.
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    Sandhill Preseveration Center or breeders. . . Personally I'd stick with breeders. I honestly don't see why so many people are against them or don't care for them. Hatcheries run in the same way factory farming runs. [​IMG]
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    I agree with the people above--Sandhill Preservation Center or breeders you can find in your area. If you don't want roosters, you could purchase pullets where they're old enough to tell gender. The other option, though it doesn't involve sexed birds, is to hatch your own! That's what I've been doing. Not only is it not involved with hatcheries, it's also fun!

    I also chose not to support hatcheries for humane reasons (I'm also a vegetarian, only eat my own eggs, etc.). [​IMG] Now I hatch my own from eggs I get on here, buy at shows, or buy from local breeders.
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  10. SilverPhoenix - while I commend your ability to go veg... I on the other hand have always been and will always be a meat eater. My problem is the disrespectful way our food is treated. If these animals are expected to lay down their lives for our nourishment we as responsible sentient being's should demand that they be treated with care and respect. Raising urban chicken's that are appreciated for their sacrifice and loved and nurtured to be the best possible sustenance for my family and myself is my way of using my power as a consumer to create a better option for us and for our bird's. I believe all living things have a spirit, and when it's my time to go I want to be praised for the way I treated my fellow living being's, and for the way I treated our planet.

    lol wow.. too much coffee this AM... I'm taking myself WAY to seriously [​IMG]
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