is there any chance that my broody's cracked egg will still hatch?


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I think i know the answer to this, but just in case.

I have a broody, who was sitting on 7 eggs. Yesterday morning, i found a cracked one (we're only on day 4), so i pitched it. But this morning, i found another one. Is there any chance it will be ok if i leave it with her? The first one looked like someone had pecked it. I'm not sure what i should do to prevent the others being pecked. Do you think she's doing it on accident when she's trying to rearrange them? Is there something i can do to protect them?
Dont be in to big a hurry to pitch those cracked eggs! If there is no leakage of fluid from the egg, and you found the crack relatively soon after it happened- you can fix it, we have the technology.....

My son grabbed one of our eggs during day 16 candling and banged it on a shelf edge! The dent was as big as a quarter, and lots of little lines of cracking, but no fluid leaking, so, we grabbed some clear nail polish, painted all the cracks- 2 coats to be sure, and our egg hatched and she is now laying eggs for us!!! We continued to candle that egg as well, to make sure our paint job had worked! It was hatched by its broody mama in her hen box with all the other hens around. Watch to be sure no other hens are picking her eggs and be super sure you are giving her food and water that you check daily- it must be within her reach on the nest, but check it alot if you do that so no water gets her nest wet if she spills it.

Good luck, I hope the polish trick works for you, I got the idea here on this forum a year ago!
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thanks for the tip.

thankfully, the second cracked egg i thought i found really just had some poop on it (i was going by feel). but if i get anymore, i will keep in mind that i can do repairs.

thanks a bunch!

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